Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Puffin Wind in the Willows book cover

These are the initial ideas for the wind in the willows book cover using my concept of creating an activity set that children can colour in. The characters are on the front of the book in this format as I feel its nice and simple for children to read and understand. These at the moment are coloured in but I have considered making them white so that children can colour them in. I am also not too sure about the writing on the back and the amount of willow tree on both sides.

I have taken the willow from the front of the book but now it looks too empty. The back needs some removing as the barcode is lost and the text looks too squashed into the top of the page.

This is the front cover with the white characters which actually looks a lot better than the coloured ones. It still feels a bit empty which is why I feel I need to add the willow back in and then balance this out with the back.

Th amount of willow works on either side with where the text is too. Again I feel as though I need to change the characters back to white as it looked better. I am also not sure about the size of the type on the front cover, I dont know if it needs to be a bit bigger.

This is one of the final ideas that I now need to tweak for the front cover. It works really well because everything is white but in a good way. There is the right amount of willow on the front and back which I have also changed the opacity on so it doesnt distract too much from the characters.

This is the layout that Puffin provided to work with.

I did try to use another typeface and reversed out the stroke so it too could be coloured in but it just doesnt work very well and its not as readable for young children as the other typeface.

This is the final book cover design. It works very well with the concept and clearly communicates my ideas and the idea of the book cover looking like this.

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