Monday, 10 December 2012

Greetings card brief gift wrap designs

The actual YCN brief just asks for a set of greetings cards with a theme but I have thought about extending the brief into making a range of products that can be sold together. One idea was gift wrap, it would be good if I had a matching gift wrap for each card so that people could coordinate their gifts.

I have used the animal and made a pattern from it which also includes the text. The pattern is repeated and will be of A2 format.

Some of the designs are more complex than others but you can always see what the animal is and obviously still read the text.

The penguin for some reason was the biggest challenge when trying to make some kind of pattern with it, I think this was down to the shape of the penguin. I have done two different designs for the penguin to try and decide which one is best.

I think that I prefer this one where the penguin is placed diagonally across the page. It just seems a bit more exciting.

My favourite three designs are the owl, the chicken and the blue tit. This is because of the shape of the bird it was easier to create more interesting patterns. They look quite pretty compared to the others.

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