Monday, 10 December 2012

Greetings cards brief typeface

I wanted the typeface for the greetings cards to be in a similar style to the drawings, so what I have done is free hand them using the pencil tool in Illustrator. They have come out very well and work well with the animals. I could have probably found a typeface online somewhere like DaFont. But I felt that if everything was hand drawn then the cards would feel more personal.

I used the typeface for the logo and the little puns on the front of the cards.

It works well with everything as it all works together as a concept. I have been making the words by copying the letters and then placing them together. If I had more time I would of made it in Fontographer which would have made it a lot easier to type out the words.

Each animal has its own little message with it which links to them. I have tried to keep the cards light hearted and humorous which fits with the charm of the animal illustrations.

The puns are quite simple but have a huge effect on the personality of the card. 

This concept could be used for so many different animals, as long as you can think of something to play on words that links with the animals.

I have put 2 kisses after each greeting because again it feels personal and quite sweet.

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